Feb 102011

That is a very contentious statement / question, but the possibilities may be proven to be correct.

Have you & I been fooled by surveys designed to sell products.

My early days children rushed out to grab the milk bottle with the most cream, they were healthy kids.

This thinking was inspired by my recent article “At Last Research About Real Foods”.

That article provided details of recent studies which showed people whom ate real dairy products, butter, full cream milk, cheese etc, were less likely to get diabetes.

People with the top-20-percent blood levels of the fatty acid from dairy foods showed a 62 percent lower risk of diabetes than the group with bottom 20 percent fatty acid levels.

Trans-palmitoleic acid in dairy products falls into the broad category of “trans-fat,” which has become notorious in recent years for its links to elevated LDL cholesterol and heart disease.

However, unlike the trans-fats in many processed foods, like cookies, crackers and chips, trans-palmitoleic acid is a natural fat.

So far, research has not linked natural trans-fats in dairy and meat to an increased heart disease risk.

Someone needs to advise the TV doctors & dieticians about real trans-fats.

I am now an pensioner, I decided to look back at what was eaten in my younger days.

Those were the days when obesity, diabetes, asthma, autism, ADHD etc were very rare.

As an infant all school children received a half pint bottle of milk at the morning recess.

Milk in a glass bottle, children rushed out to grab the bottle with the most cream, sometimes the cream level would be near ¼ of the bottle, not like the watered down full cream milk in today’s supermarkets.

After school we would quite often buy our bag of lollies or have a feed at home.

All the food at home was cooked in animal fat which mum would collect & store in a container. They are natural trans fats.

Trans fats which our bodies have processed for thousands of years without problems.

The vegetables eaten didn’t contain the many pesticides as they do now. Recent article where a stick of celery & other vegetables now contain up to 67 different pesticides Pesticide Contaminated Fruits/Veggies Video

As a teenager we ate greater amounts of now called “junk food” but it wasn’t junk back then.

The chips (fries) were potatoes sliced in the shop & cooked in animal fat.

Hamburgers contained meat from the local butcher, not highly processed meat with added hormones & chemicals, fresh local vegetables were used.

We ate “Sundays” at the milk bar, 2 scoops of real ice cream, with crushed nuts, malt, strawberry or other flavorings on top.

The flavoring was made from strawberries etc not the manufactured artificial flavorings of today.

I could continue but I think I have made my point.

You & I, our children & grandchildren no longer eat the natural foods that have been the basis of our diet for thousands of years.

You & I have been fooled & misled by surveys & propaganda designed to sell products, products which change our lifestyle & affects all life on this planet.

Our regulators & Governments have let us down.

As I have conveyed to you in many of my articles, we now digest, breath & drink toxins.

Kind regards John

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