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At last a Government has declared this Toxic Artificial hormone Bisphenol A (BPA) Toxic.

The Canadian Government did this late 2010, lets hope it has the same roll on affect as happened when the Canadian Government banned BPA baby bottles in 2008.

Retailers around the world refused to stock BPA baby products.

Yes it was retailers not government regulators whom then took the 1st steps.

BPA is still used in many products such as the linings of canned food, epoxy resins, toys, furniture, plastic microwave dishes, many products which require a hard flexible plastic.

Earlier video by Professor Frederick Vom Saal, worth watching as well.

Professor Lab Tests – Food Cans Emit Cancer, Birth Defects Chemicals (Video)

Professor VomSaal has researched BPA for more than 20 years. He links BPA with obesity, type 2 diabetes, behavioral problems, neuro chemical changes to the brain, ADHD, hyper aggression, learning difficulties, later in life breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, etc.

While some countries have taken minimum steps to regulate the use in BPA in baby bottles, many regulators are still saying it is safe to use.

That isn’t surprising seeing they have over the last 70 – 80 years allowed more than 100,000 of these toxic chemicals, most of which are endocrine disruptors, into our environment, we breath, we digest & we drink these toxins.

Statistics Canada reported that measurable levels of BPA were found in the urine of 91 per cent of Canadians aged six to 79.

My biggest concerns are for the fetus, babies & infants, they are the ones whom are affected the most, their levels are never tested.

Canada added the compound, known as BPA, to a list of substances deemed potentially harmful to health or the environment in a notice published in the Canada Gazette.

That makes it easier for Ottawa to regulate the use of the chemical, perhaps by limiting how much BPA can be released into air or water or perhaps with outright bans on its use in specific food containers.

“The risk assessment of BPA put together by our federal government is very strong in terms of its conclusions, so I think it’s a foregone conclusion that it will drive further action rather quickly,” said Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defense, which campaigned to ban BPA.

For those of you that dont know what “endocrine distruptors” are here is a brief description

What are EDC’s?

Endocrine Disrupter Chemicals (EDC’s) are synthetic or artificial hormones, the EDC’s can take the place of genuine hormones.

From the day of conception Baby Fetus has receptors to catch hormones, liken them to a baseball or cricket glove.

The “Catch” of the receptors of these EDC’s of artificial hormones can determine the child’s future.

The amount of EDC’s in the mothers body at conception, during pregnancy, whilst breast feeding, the child’s exposure to EDC’s from food & the environment, can determine the child’s learning ability, behavior & health.

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