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The answer is yes & no depending whether it has been fermented or if it is GM (genetically modified).

At a BBQ recently, I was advised by a Government Tester to stay away from eating soy, corn etc, as most are genetically modified, sprayed with “Roundup”, you & I eat it.

GM food is one of the reasons I now spend my pension money campaigning about all the toxic chemicals that we now breath, eat & drink.

I watched a documentary few years ago, it was about a pig farmer whom fed his stock GM corn as part of the testing program for GM crops.

All his pigs & sows became barren from eating the GM corn.

This was reported, but ignored.

The farmer had lots of the GM corn leftover so he purchased some cattle, fed them the GM corn, all the bulls & cows became barren as well.

I care about future family generations, I have observed the huge increases in cancer, birth defects & societies ever increasing health problems.

Now back to soy question. I received the following email which explains the various soy products, the benefits & pitfalls.

It is worth reading it may help you decide which foods you consume.

Soy Products Research

The debates on the effects soy has on women’s health are ongoing.

We asked naturopath and fertility specialist Emma Sutherland for her view.

Soy products fall into two categories:

Fermented: miso, tempeh, natto, tamari, naturally fermented soy sauce

Unfermented soy: soy milk, tofu, soy cheese, soy ice-cream, soy yoghurt, infant soy formulas, soy protein powders.

Unfermented soy contains naturally occurring compounds called isoflavones which have a detrimental effect on the thyroid. Isoflavones are known goitrogens (they cause a swelling of the thyroid) as they block the enzyme thyroid peroxidise that adds iodine to thyroid hormones.

The end result is that your thyroid can’t produce adequate amounts of active hormones and becomes sluggish.

Can’t lose weight? Maybe unfermented soy is adding to your struggles.

Soy, like all legumes and whole grains contains phytic acid and this reduces the absorption of vital nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc in the small intestine.

When soy is fermented, phytic acid is neutralised and no longer causes nutritional deficiencies.

There is another important reason to eat fermented soy – it is full of healthy probiotics and will enhance digestive function, reduce bloating and increase absorption of nutrients.

What about genetically modified (GM) soy?

In 2005 Dr. Irina Ermakova presented ground breaking research on GM soy which showed that 55 per cent of the offspring of rats fed GM soy died within three weeks as opposed to only 9 per cent fed non GM soy.

Furthermore, the GM pups were severely stunted compared to non GM pups and could not reproduce.

We certainly need rigorous, independent and long-term studies to evaluate if these foods put the population at risk.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) carry out compulsory safety evaluation of all GM foods but  animal studies are not required to be performed and FSANZ does not carry out any scientific studies of their own, they rely on the GM companies to do their own.

Personally I don’t find this very reassuring and when countries such as Switzerland have banned GM crops until 2013 while they carry out more research, it makes me wonder why Australia hasn’t done the same.

Isoflavones in soy do have a mild hormonal effect on women’s hormones as they are similar in chemical structure and can bind to estrogen receptors and turn them on.

This is great if you are menopausal and need an estrogen top up. The problem is that a high intake of isoflavones is linked to early puberty, heavy periods, endometriosis, fibroids and infertility.

The adverse effects on women’s hormones appear to be strongly correlated to the ingestion of GM unfermented soy.

It is highly advisable that you only consume organic, fermented forms of soy in order to enhance your health.

Hope the information was helpful


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