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Having seen many “News Stories” about plastic baby & water bottles etc, I have written this article in a manner that can understood by all.

Baby Fetus has receptors to catch Hormones, liken them to a baseball or cricket glove.

There purpose is to catch the Male (testosterone) & Female (estrogen) hormones

Artificial Hormones are called Endocrine Disrupter’s (EDC’s).

EDC’s can take the place of our genuine hormones.

Being artificial they can disrupt or block signals from the bodies cells to the Brain. This can cause permanent Genetic changes in infants, with ongoing health & behavioral problems.

Video link Professor -Plastics Causing Significant Health Problems (Video)

discusses Bisphenol A (BPA) & its association with obesity, type 2 diabetes, behavioral problems, neuro chemical changes to the brain, ADHD, hyper aggression, learning difficulties, later in life breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, etc.

The Toxic chemicals causing these problem didn’t exist 70 – 80 years ago.

From each generation passed onto the next generation the levels of toxic chemicals & Genetic changes in our bodies has increased, minor change + minor change + minor change, on & on.

The number of products emitting these Toxic Chemicals is increasing month by month.

We digest, we breath, we recycle & we absorb greater amounts of these toxins year after year.

Unfortunately we now have many Toxic chemicals in our bodies.

The NBC Video Link Lady tests contain Toxins / 53 Cancer / 62 Brain /65 Birth Defects (Video)

Based upon testing 9 women in New York, showed an average of 93 toxic chemicals in the womens bodies.

53 Toxins which can cause cancer.

62 Toxins which affect the Brain & Nervous system.

65 Toxins which can cause Birth Defects.

Most of these Toxins are EDC’s

EDCs include large chemical families such as the 209 compounds classified as PCBs, the 75 dioxins, and the 135 furans. Only 3 of the 51 chemicals – DDT, PCBs, and dioxin have been studied in any depth.

The purpose of this article is the relationship of toxic chemicals & there affects on children’s health & behavioral problems.

Babies – Infants – Children

Let us start at the beginning with Dad & Mum.


Dad’s of today, studies have shown have up to 50% less Sperm than a young man had 50 years ago.

Their sperm can be the poorest quality, studies have also shown younger men have a higher level of malformed Sperm.

This is not a surprise, we are talking about exposure to these Artificial Estrogens over many generations, minor change + minor change + minor change, on & on.

These Estrogens are female hormones, they affect the male reproductive system.

Dad as a baby having a toxic plastic baby bottle, toxic dummy ( pacifier ), toxic teething ring, toxic baby toys & toxic rubber ducky (they no longer are rubber ).

Dads mother & father adorned their son, his room was decorated with many hardened plastic objects.

Dad loved his cars, he was exposed to plenty of toxic petrol & diesel fumes.

His new car had this beautiful smell to it, toxic.

Dad spent 2 – 3 hrs each day in the traffic driving to & from work breathing toxic fumes.

All emitting Artificial Estrogen, all EDC’s


Mum was also exposed to the same toxic baby bottles, toys etc.

Mum developed “Breasts” when she was 9 years old.

A huge leap forward in “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” in such a short period of time 70 – 80 years.

Mum as a child was very helpful at home, cleaning the windows with Toxic window cleaner.

Mum did the washing up without gloves using the toxic dish washing liquid.

Sprayed the house with toxic pesticides.

Cleaned the kitchen benches with the toxic wipes. Mum used all the Toxic cleansers.

Mum then started using beauty products, many contain these toxic chemicals.

When mum went out in the sunshine, she always put on her block out for protection. The block out contained several types of artificial estrogen with nanotechnology, which are tiny micro particles, they can easily to penetrate her skin.


Mum microwaved food in plastic containers marked “microwave safe”, covered them with “cling wrap”.


Mums pantry had a variety of canned food stored. Most can food products are lined with the same plastic as the toxic baby bottles which emit Bisphenol A (BPA).

This toxic BPA leeches into the canned food, video link. .Professor Lab Tests – Food Cans Emit Cancer, Birth Defects Chemicals (Video)

Guess what, they all emit Artificial Estrogen, all EDC’s

Babies – Infants

Dad & Mums sections above detail many of the ways we digest, we breath, we recycle & we absorb greater amounts of these toxins year after year.These artificial estrogens are water soluble, they store in the fat cells of the body.

When mum falls pregnant there is increased hormonal activity in her body. This increased hormonal activity unfortunately includes the artificial EDC’s.

This hormonal period of pregnancy is when the fetus receptors catch the hormones like a baseball or cricket glove.

Bisphenol A (BPA) studies link obesity, diabetes, behavioral problems, neuro chemical changes to the brain, ADHD, hyper aggression, learning difficulties.

Scientist now believe health problems such as Autism (causes of still undetermined) occurs in the early stages of pregnancy.

I list below the huge increases in autism spectrum conditions in the UK.

Source: 1966 – 2004 National Autistic Society. Source: 2009 Autism Research Center

1966 one in 2,222

1979 one in 492

1993 one in 141

2004 one in 110

2009 one in 64 by Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor
Published: 6:01AM BST 29 May 2009

One in every 64 children could have autism, Cambridge researchers find

Hundreds of thousands of children with autism have not been diagnosed, Cambridge University scientists have found.

The study was led by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen at the Autism Research Centre and is published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. The research said this could mean that for every three cases of autism spectrum that are diagnosed, there may be another two that are undiagnosed, giving a ratio of known to unknown cases of 3:2.

Prof Baron-Cohen said: “The two independent sources of information – the SEN register and diagnosis survey – provide converging evidence on the prevalence of autism spectrum conditions as being around one per cent of primary school-age children.

This is about 12 times higher than 30 years ago; including the previously undiagnosed cases, this means that one in 64 children may at some point in their lives require support and services.”


I have attached this following article as confirmation of the multitude of problems these toxins are creating for babies, infants & all life, human, animal & marine.

By Geoffrey Lean Environmental Editor October 20, 2002

Minute amounts of ”gender bender” chemicals found in food and the environment are affecting the behavior of pre-school children, new research shows.

The study – carried out by doctors and scientists at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam – is the first in the world to show that normal levels of the chemicals affect humans.

It follows a host of studies showing that gender-benders can turn wildlife species, from gulls and alligators to fish and turtles, into hermaphrodites.

In the case of the children in the study, the chemicals caused girls to play with guns and pretend to be soldiers, and boys to play with dolls and tea sets and dress up in female clothes.

The research, published in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives, is part of a long-term study into the effects of PCBs and dioxins on children.

The researchers measured levels of the chemicals in the blood of 207 mothers in their final month of pregnancy, in umbilical blood at birth, and in breast milk two weeks after birth, to determine exposure in the womb.

They later asked the parents of the children, now aged seven, to record their patterns of play.

The girls exposed to higher levels of PCBs were more likely to engage in masculine play, while similarly exposed boys were more likely to enjoy feminine play. Dioxins produced more feminine play in boys and girls.

The most disturbing aspect of the study is that the mothers were exposed to routine amounts of the chemicals – probably from eating normal food, experts believe.

Previous studies have found that the chemicals damage the immune systems, neurological development and intelligence of children.


Millions of tons of these toxins have been produced & are recycled in our environment. If we stopped all further production today, these toxins would remain in our environment, the food chain, our tissues and those of future generations for centuries.

Some Governments have enacted in banning the use of some toxic products in baby bottles, toys etc, its great that some retailers have stopped selling those products.

We as purchasers aren’t informed or warned of the many dangers of the products we purchase.

There are now manufacturers of safer products, technology is advanced enough to replace most toxic products. Governments need to legislate.

Governments hold as secret, many patented products which could help solve the worlds need for energy.

Releasing these patented devices would create new industries & reduce the need for crude oil, coal & LPG, the source of many of our toxic chemicals.

Several working private alternate energy devices will be announced in 2010. They will have to battle the powerful energy industry.

We humans in our quest for dominance over nature are undermining our own ability to reproduce, or to learn and think.

We now have a significant portion of the younger generations whose ability to learn & think has been diminished from exposure to these toxic chemicals.

We have younger generations with behavioral problems, many turn to drugs, alcohol & violence, their abilities & mental judgment has been diminished.

We must face the facts, we have become the guinea pigs in our vast experiment with synthetic toxic chemicals.

We justify this toxic chemical assault on our children, grandchildren & all life on the planet

This problem is as big & as important as Global Warming

I can only say


Regards John

Please feel free to add you comments

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  2 Responses to “Babies, Children, Cancer, Birth Defects, Health & Behavioral Problems”

  1. I have watched TV news about plastics, but I didn’t really know what they were talking about. I find it scary what I just read. Some TV shows say its safe to use these plastic products, WHY WHY WHY. This article has opened my eyes, the Dollar is more important than life. So they think.

  2. Yes Big Sister, there are hundreds of proper scientific studies going back many years confirming the health problems artificial hormones cause. Government bodies choose to ignore them in favor of a few industry studies. Bisphenol A (BPA) was found to be a female hormone (estrogen) in the 1930’s, then scientist found they could make a clear plastic with it in the 1950’s. All plastics break down emitting there chemicals & toxins. Money is more important than life itself, to others not me. They have just made an aircraft 80% plastic. They are joking

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