Feb 182010

How safe are the toys we buy our children, grandchildren or the toys we buy for any child

A “Remote Controlled Car” purchased by one of my grandsons had the above warning (smaller size). It was made in the Philippines but the warning was needed if sold in California.

I’m only guessing what Toxic chemicals were in the car, was it the changeable body which could be Polycarbonate?, which emits Bisphenol A (BPA).

BPA & its association with obesity, type 2 diabetes, behavioral problems, neuro chemical changes to the brain, ADHD, hyper aggression, learning difficulties, later in life breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, etc..

Did it contain phthalates?, some studies indicate phthalates harm early childhood development, a number of studies linked them to genital development problems in rodents, a finding eventually correlated to human infants.

Was it one or more of the other thousands of Toxic Chemicals in use today?.

I really don’t know what Toxic Chemicals were in the children’s “Remote Controlled Car”, do you???

The Media & the public complain about the behavior problems of the younger generations, the alcohol & drug fueled violence, their inability to learn & think, their erratic behavior

“Well you know what” we the human race created these problems.

We are, & our children are, our grandchildren are, the “human guinea pigs” using Toxic Chemicals which didn’t exist 70 – 80 years ago.

From each generation passed onto the next generation the levels of toxic chemicals in our bodies has increased.

The NBC Video Link Lady tests contain Toxins / 53 Cancer / 62 Brain /65 Birth Defects (Video)

Based upon testing 9 women in New York, this testing showed an average of 93 toxic chemicals in the women’s bodies.

53 Toxins which can cause cancer.

62 Toxins which affect the Brain & Nervous system.

65 Toxins which can cause Birth Defects.

Genetic changes in our bodies has increased, minor change + minor change + minor change, on & on.

Cancer & a multitude of health problems is increasing in children & adults, the latest figures for cancer announced on the radio here in NSW Australia was 1 in 2 for men & for women it was 1in3

Scientific studies & knowledge has been ignored, the Dollar is more important than life itself

We want & feel a need for all the products causing the problems, we are not advised what toxins we are exposed to, or the toxins we are exposing our children to.

Millions of tons of these toxins have been produced & are recycled in our environment. If we stopped all further production today, these toxins would remain in our environment, the food chain, our tissues and those of future generations for centuries.

Some Governments have enacted in banning the use of some toxic products in baby bottles, toys etc, its great that some retailers have stopped selling those products.

We as purchasers aren’t informed or warned of the many dangers of the products we purchase.

There are now manufacturers of safer products, technology is advanced enough to replace most toxic products. Governments need to legislate.

Governments hold as secret many patented products which could help solve the worlds need for energy.

Releasing these patented devices would create new industries & reduce the need for crude oil, coal & LPG, the source of many of our toxic chemicals.

Several working private alternate energy devices will be announced in 2010. They will have to battle the powerful energy industry.

We humans in our quest for dominance over nature are undermining our own ability to reproduce, or to learn and think.

We now have a significant portion of the younger generations whose ability to learn & think has been diminished from exposure to these toxic chemicals.

We have younger generations with behavioral problems, many turn to drugs, alcohol & violence, their abilities & mental judgment has been diminished.

We must face the facts, we have become the guinea pigs in our vast experiment with synthetic toxic chemicals.

We justify this toxic chemical assault on our children, grandchildren & all life on the planet

This problem is as big & as important as Global Warming

I can only say


Regards John

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  2 Responses to “Toxic Chemical Toys & Children’s Health & Behavior”

  1. I will have to start reading the small print when I buy presents for the children.
    But I still wont know if its safe to use, even if there is a warning on the box.
    I dont know about anything about chemicals.
    We should be properly informed by the manufacturer or the retailer.

  2. How many times I have watched the news to see all the teenage violence. All the tv shows with stories about uncontrollable children with behavior problems.
    Tv news shows never give any detail about the causes of the behavior problems, just sensationalize the story for viewers.
    I am probably guilty of buying children toxic toys, but how would I know.

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