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Let’s now look at bit more detail of the many ancient cultures, many cultures have history & beliefs that relate to past & future events.

In 1994 I watched a documentary based on an African tribe based in the mountains of Africa, I cannot remember the name of the tribe or the documentary.

They were a well organized village, with community laws. For example a villager’s cow knocked over a neighbor’s fence.

The elders decided that it was wrong for the cow to knock down the fence, they decided that the neighbor’s fence was not strong enough. The elders decided that the owner of the cow & the neighbor rebuild the fence together. A commonsense fair result.

The village had a Shaman/priest (cannot remember the official title). The Shaman/priest lived in a tower type structure, basically in isolation from the villages.

At intervals the villages would gather to watch the shaman/priest presentation of the planets, cosmic events, black holes & the universe on a cave wall.

The shaman/priest knowledge of the universe far exceeds any form of education levels many would consider from an African village, it is ancient knowledge from whom???.

The most amazing part was the later disclosure that the timing of the movements of the planets, cosmic events etc. was by “tying knots” in a piece of rope every day.

There had to be a plan, template or device the shaman/priest worked with, in conjunction with the knot of the rope, as many cosmic events occur at much longer intervals  than the life of any human, or any shaman/priest.


It is well known history that a country that is invaded & conquered changes its religion, language & beliefs to that of the conquer.

The Middle East, South America are good examples of these changes.

It is only the archeologists in the Middle East & South America that are uncovering ancient knowledge & history.

African tribal & mountain people haven’t been conquered to the same extent, they still have villages & shaman/priests. Politics & Religious groups are the predominate changers of their beliefs & lifestyle.

The Dogon tribe have excellent knowledge of the Universe

The Dogon, a tribe in West Africa, are believed to be of Egyptian descent. After living in Libya for a time, they settled in Mali, West Africa, bringing with them astronomy legends dating from before 3200 BCE. In the late 1940s, four of their priests told two French anthropologists of secret Dogon myths about the star Sirius (8.6 light years from the earth). The priests said that Sirius had a companion star that was invisible to the human eye , that Sirius is a binary star system.

This information is impossible to obtain without using modern telescopes.  Not only that, but the figure of 50 years that they allegedly claim for the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A is absolutely accurate.

The Dogon claim that this ‘sacred knowledge’ was given them by a race of god-like extra-terrestrials that came to earth from the Sirius system itself.

Here’s a quote from a Zulu elder Credo Mutwa about an anomalous Star with a great tail that turned the world upside down thousands of years ago:

“Let me tell you two last things please. One, it is this, that I am told by the great storytellers of our tribes, that fresh water is not native to our earth.

That at one time, many thousands of years ago a terrible star, or the kind called Mu-sho-sho-no-no, the star with a very long tail, descended very close upon our skies. It came so close that the earth turned upside down and what had become the sky became down, and what was the heavens became up.

“The whole world was turned upside down. The sun rose in the south and set in the north.

Then came drops of burning black stuff, like molten tar, which burned every living thing on earth that could not escape.

After that came a terrible deluge of water accompanied by winds so great that they blew whole mountaintops away.

And after that came huge chunks of ice bigger than any mountain and the whole world was covered with ice for many generations.

“After that the surviving people saw an amazing sight. They saw rivers and streams of water that they could drink, and they saw that some of the fishes that escaped from the sea were now living in these rivers.

That is the great story of our forefathers.

And we are told that this thing is going to happen again very soon. Because the great star, which is the lava of our sun, is going to return on the day of the year of the red bull, which is the year 2012.”

These are the words of Credo Mutwa, a spiritual leader of the Zulu people.  It seems unlikely that such an event could have occurred as a result of a comet passage.

Furthermore, the ‘great star’ is called the ‘lava of the sun’, which indicates a fiery countenance, which is also not in keeping with a comet’s appearance.

Is this great red star Nibiru?

Credo Mutwa, is possibly quoting the shaman/priests, the story tellers of the planets & universe as detailed earlier.

Analyzing his comments:

1/ “The whole world was turned upside down. The sun rose in the south and set in the north.”

This is the tilting of Earth’s axis or shifting of the North & South Poles, it has been known for many years that the Earth’s magnetic poles have shifted previously.

The lodestones (a magnetic stone) situated at Nowra, the north pole of these lodestones point in a southerly direction, confirming previous shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles. Nowra is south of Sydney Australia

2/ “Then came drops of burning black stuff, like molten tar, which burned every living thing on earth that could not escape.”

Molten lava, plumes from huge eruptions of many of the Earth’s volcanoes &  fault lines. A solar storm

3/ “After that came a terrible deluge of water”

Tsunamis / tidal waves caused by earth’s tectonic plate shifts.

Melting of the polar ice due to a tilt of Earth’s axis

4/ “winds so great that they blew whole mountaintops away.”

The magnitude of the disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere, this could allow solar winds, storms & plasma to enter our atmosphere. The destruction could be significant.

5/ “And after that came huge chunks of ice bigger than any mountain and the whole world was covered with ice for many generations”

An ice age caused by tilt of Earth’s axis, the shifting of the tectonic plates, resulting in changing directions of the world’s ocean currents, possible prolonged period of darkness combined with some loss of our heat retaining carbon atmosphere.

6/ “After that the surviving people saw an amazing sight. They saw rivers and streams of water that they could drink, and they saw that some of the fishes that escaped from the sea were now living in these rivers”.

The melting of the ice as the Earth’s atmosphere heats up. Rivers & streams reappear.

7/ “Because the great star, which is the lava of our sun, is going to return on the day of the year of the red bull, which is the year 2012.”

Much of the above are similar to Samarian prophecies with the return of Nibiru every 3,600 years.

“The Dogon are aware that “an infinite number of stars and spiraling worlds exist” and that all types of creatures live on other “Earths”.  In addition, they say that the Nommo, the people who come to Earth in their spaceships, will come back again when their ‘star’ appears in the heavens as “testament to the Nommo’s resurrection”.

The tribes of Africa still have ancient knowledge, they haven’t been corrupted by conquers.

The shaman/priest I wrote about in a 1994 documentary where knots were tied each day to keep tract of cosmic events, there may exist a plan, template or other devices that allow the tracking of cosmic events simply by tying a knot in a rope each day.

To solve the timeline dilemma of Nibiru or other 3,600 year event I believe the plan, template or devices the shaman/priest used should be found. If I had the money or resources I would do it.

Many of the web sites involved in 2012 events, use archeology evidence to support a 25,000 year time frame as evidence of previous destructive events on Earth. They use the Mayan time frame of their long calendar, a timeline of 25,000 years as the basis of their prediction of a 2012 event.

Mayan calendar is simply the time it takes our solar system to rotate around the galactic core and align with the center. Are we not always aligned with the center?

Right or wrong I am moving away from the idea that alignment with our galactic center is a reason of concern.

I will not discard the archeology evidence of destructive events on Earth about every 25,000 years.

Quite simply I  multiplied 3,600 years x 7 = 25,200 years

The 25,200 years fit the time frame of archeology evidence.

This poses a Question, which of the 7 cycles of Nibiru is due in around 2012 ?.

Based upon the African Dogon ice age description above I searched ice ages on the net. The last glacier ice age commenced about 18,000 years ago, it lasted approx. a few thousand years. 18,000 fits in a 3,600 year cycle.

I searched ice ages here in Australia, we have little history of ice ages, the Snowy Mountains and Tasmania were the only areas in Australia where glaciers existed. there was not just one but at least four major advances of glacier ice during the last 70,000 years, let’s say one every 25,200 years. I base this slight change of the figures as all the information I looked at re ice ages timeframes, dates are disputed.

Using a 25,200 year period with 7cycles of 3,600 years, I created this timeline table.

1/  18,000 years ago –

Start of the last glacial ice age period

2/   14,400 years ago –

Mini ice age + unknown

3/   10,800 years ago –

The discovery of a forest 11,000 years old buried intact in Michigan, with treetops poking through the sand. What has shocked scientists is that analysis of the tree-rings shows that the climate warmed so rapidly that it left no mark on the normal growth of the trees before they were flooded.

The heyday of the woolly mammoth was the Pleistocene Epoch, stretching from 1.8 million years ago to the end of the last ice age 11,000 years ago.

The woolly mammoth survived in a few small pockets until about 7,000 years ago

Siberia where many frozen woolly mammoth caucuses have been found, had previously been tropical prior to a drastic climate change.

4/    7,200 years ago –

Oceanographers reconstructed the history of a catastrophic flood from data gathered by a Russian research ship in 1993. Seismic soundings and sediment cores revealed traces of the sea’s former shorelines, showing an abrupt 500-foot rise in water levels Radiocarbon dating of the transition from fresh water to marine organisms in the cores put the time of the event at about 7,700 years ago (5,500 BC).

A giant wave flooded Scotland about 7,000 years ago, a scientist revealed on Friday. The tsunami left a trail of destruction along what is now the eastern coast of the country

5/    3,600 years ago –

mini ice age

Sahara desert’s arid climate change occurred quickly and dramatically 4000 to 3600 years ago.

A team of researchers headed by Martin Cluassen of Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research analyzed computer models of climate over the past several thousand years.

They concluded that the change to today’s desert climate in the Sahara was triggered by changes in the Earth’s orbit and the tilt of Earth’s axis.

The switch in North Africa’s climate and vegetation was abrupt.

In the Sahara, “we find an abrupt decrease in vegetation from a green Sahara to a desert scrubland within a few hundred years” scientists reported.

No longer were grasses and other plants collecting water and releasing it back into the atmosphere, now sand baked in the stronger sun and rivers dried up.

The scientists do not say what caused the change in the tilt of Earth’s axis.

The Nile in Egypt dried up, farming ceased people starved, there are reports that cannibalism occurred.

An unknown civilization with an alphabet that has yet to be deciphered lived in the Indus Valley (W. Pakistan). Around 1550 BC they disappeared.

6/    The year 2012 AD –

still under discussion.

7/    The year 5,612 AD

In the future – unknown, then followed by the next glacial ice age in the year 9,212 AD ???

The above timeline table was completed very quickly, it was easy to find matching events. There would be a multitude of events that could be added.

What I did evaluate was that around every 3,600 years there is evidence of ice ages, dramatic rapid climate changes, tsunamis, huge floods, disappearing civilizations, disappearing animal species, possible glacial ice age period 9,212 AD (25,200 year cycle)

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research indicating,  changes in the Earth’s orbit and the tilt of Earth’s axis 3,600 years ago.

Changes in the Earth’s orbit would facilitate timeline changes creating shorter or longer years & days, which would explain some variances in timelines.

Call it what you want, Planet X, Nibiru, Orcus, Great Star, Lava of The Sun, there is evidence that an intruder planet is on the way.

The 10th intruder planet is being tracked by NASA, the Vatican observatory & all the nations involved in the observatories built on the South Pole for this purpose.

Date of arrival of this 10th planet varies from all sources 2011, 2012, in 17 years, in 60 years.

How do we ordinary folk obtain the truth?.

Governments worldwide have built underground cities, for the “chosen ones”. When are we ordinary folk going to be given the opportunity to prepare to save ourselves?.

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  1. I would like readers to add cataclysm type events that occurred in the years listed in the Time-line Table. 3,600 years ago / 7,200 years ago / 10,800 years ago / 14,400 years ago / 18,000 years ago / 21,600 years ago / 25,200 years ago / 28,800 years ago / continuing in 3,600 year periods. THIS WAY WE MIGHT ESTABLISH A PATTERN FOR THE YEAR 2012. Thanking You John

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