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This article is the main reason I haven’t written many articles the last 2 months.

I apologize for not completing the series on 2012 or having provided very few other articles, I have mainly added various videos & jokes to this site.

This article is about possible toxic chemicals in processed food. It is about my recent experience.

On Wednesday 28th April I purchased some sliced corned beef (silverside) from the delicatessen section of

Coles Supermarket at The Entrance, which is on the Central Coast NSW Australia where I live.

On arrival home I felt a bit hungry so I decided to make a corn beef sandwich. As I love my corn beef I rolled several slices into a round sausage shape & ate it, it had little taste.  I then added extra corn beef to my sandwich, ate it also, tasteless sandwich. Thank God I didn’t eat it all at once, which I occasionally do.

A little later I started to burp & belch a lot, each time it left a funny taste in my mouth.

Every time I had a cup of tea, biscuit or a meal I started to burp & belch, leaving a funny taste in my mouth, burping continued day & night.

Thursday morning I noticed that I had blood in my feces.

I went to the refrigerator took out the corn beef, it had a distinct chemical smell.

To me it smelt like Sodium Metabisulphite or similar smell.

I rang the Local Government (Council) & asked to speak to the food inspector, he wasn’t available, I explained the situation to the receptionist.

I was asked if I could bring the rest of the corned beef to the Council, I was also advised to see a Doctor. I made the Doctor’s appointment & had time to take the corn beef to the Council food inspector.

I kept a couple of slices to let the Doctor smell.

Attending Doctor Harris for the first time I explained the events, he refused to look or smell the corn beef. He asked me to hop onto the bed for a rear end inspection. He stated that the inspection was normal & to come back in 5 days if I was still bleeding.

He organized no urine or blood tests.

Whilst there with Doctor Harris I asked him to look at a possible enlarged lymph node or aneurism (aprox. 4cm long x 2cm wide) positioned on the inside of left arm at elbow (the position where they stick the needle in when I have a blood test). Doctor Harris quickly glanced at it, touched it once & said “yeah that is a lymph node”, that was it, no further words or conversations, just ignored it.

Friday the burping, belching & funny taste still continued. I was concerned about waiting the five days Dr Harris specified due to the chemical smell of the corn beef.

Friday night I looked up Sodium Metabisulphite & similar products on the internet. It can be fatal if swallowed, it targets organs such as the liver.

Saturday morning my cousin drove me to Wyong Hospital, after all the preliminaries I saw a Doctor.

I explained to the Dr the situation, he also refused to look or smell the corn beef, but he did examine my stomach, the pain areas, commented several times about all the activity in my stomach.

No blood or urine testing.

He recommended I take Mylanta & drink Yakult a beneficial bacterium 4 times a day.

Tried to speak to him about my lymph node, aneurism, not interested, would not look at or examine it, told me to see a Doctor.

Tried to speak to the Doctor about a third problem. I have asbestosis, most of the damage is at the back of my lungs. I expressed my concerns re asbestos & the thickening of the ducts and glands in my testes.

Not interested gave some crude advise – find myself a woman & have a “you know what” in the crudest terms. How pathetic is that for a Doctor.


Things were getting worse, I could hardly walk, get up or down the stairs, feces were yellow soft & small, I went 3 to 5 times each day. My immune system was down well & truly

I then went to Dr Scullen, took the corn beef, of course he wasn’t interested in looking at or smelling it. But he did organize a blood & a feces test. Guess what he tested the feces for” bacteria”, blood tests showed elevated alkaline phosphatase & triglyceride’s, what levels he never said just ignored them, anything else elevated I don’t know.

He did look at the lymph node / aneurism, he did say that it was a lymph node, that was that, no further action. Because of its position I still am not sure it is a lymph node.

When I first went to Dr Scullen I took a C.A.T. scan which reported “Hilar Lymph node” “significant” he took no action then. Lymph nodes in my body have been increasing all over my body, year after year doctors here on The Central Coast do zero.

The end for me going to Doctors here on the Central Coast.

I then started treating myself using “cinnamon & unprocessed honey” as per an article I had recently put on this site. I had some improvement in my health, still using it.

Three weeks ago I started rebuilding my metabolism & immune system using hydrogen peroxide, vitamin E, Omega 3, B complex & Ginkgo Biloba. This combination has kept me going for more than 15 years.

Finally after two months my feces are no longer yellow, they are normal, BUT I have belched more than 10 times from drinking one cup of tea whilst writing this article. The lymph node, aneurism has slightly reduced in size.

Corn Beef Now

The corn beef I kept to show Doctors is still in the refrigerator door, normal temperature of about 3 – 4 degrees C

It lost its color after six weeks.

After 2 months it has no smell to it, doesn’t appear to be rotten, just discolored.

This is despite being out of refrigeration 4 times when taken to Doctors Surgery plus 5 hours when taken to the hospital.

I now have in the freezer the corn beef the Council froze which was returned to me after they couldn’t achieve testing by the NSW Food Authority.

The Council Environment Health Officer letter I received dated 26th May 2010 states the following:

I refer to your complaint regards Silverside purchased on the 28th April 2010 being chemically contaminated.

An inspection of the food revealed a smoky odor.

The letter continues about his inspection of the premises etc.

The Council Environment Health Officer told me in our many telephone conversations he tried on many occasions to have the corn beef tested, his requests to the NSW Food Authority were initially denied as they didn’t know what to test the corn beef for. Finally testing was denied as no similar complaints had been lodged.

This isn’t a surprise we are talking chemical, not bacterial infection.

No Urine or Blood test had been taken by Dr Harris or Wyong Hospital which may have identified the cause of my problem.

With all the chemicals used in processed food, no processed food is really safe

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