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You & I are the guinea pigs using all the toxic chemicals that are causing many of our society’s multitude of health problems, birth defects, obesity, type 2 diabetes, behavioral problems, neuro chemical changes to the brain, ADHD, hyper aggression, learning difficulties, later in life breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, etc.

The amount of toxic chemicals you are breathing, digesting, drinking, absorbing & recycling into your body will astound you. These toxic chemicals didn’t exist in our food chain or environment 70 -80 years ago.

The genetic changes these toxic artificial hormones create are passed onto your children & grandchildren, minor generic changes passed on to the next generation, on & on as they multiply.

We humans in our quest for dominance over nature are undermining our own ability to reproduce, or to learn and think.

Studies have found that these chemicals damage the immune systems, neurological development and intelligence of children.

We now have a significant portion of the younger generations whose ability to learn & think has been diminished from exposure to these toxic chemicals.

We have younger generations with behavioral problems, many turn to drugs, alcohol & violence, their abilities & mental judgment has been diminished.

We must face the facts, we have become the guinea pigs in our vast experiment with synthetic toxic chemicals.

We justify this toxic chemical assault on our children, grandchildren & all life on the planet

Scientist now believe health problems such as Autism (causes of still undetermined) occurs in the early stages of pregnancy.

The huge increases in autism spectrum conditions in the UK must be a warning to us all.

1 in 2,222 in 1966 increasing to 1 in 64 in 2009

Hundreds of thousands of children with autism have not been diagnosed, Cambridge University scientists have found.

The study was led by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen at the Autism Research Centre and is published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. The research said this could mean that for every three cases of autism spectrum that are diagnosed, there may be another two that are undiagnosed, giving a ratio of known to unknown cases of 3:2

These toxic chemicals are a greater problem than global warming is to all life on this planet, human, animal & marine.

This must watch video featuring Professor Frederick Vom Saal details many of societies health problems & the relationship of those health problems associated with Bisphenol A (BPA).

In the 1930’s BPA was found to be a “Synthetic Estrogen” (female hormone) & was considered for use in medicine.

In the 1950’s scientist used BPA to make a clear hardened plastic which is now used in many products, baby bottles, linings of can food, food & microwave containers  etc. Plastics are not inert, they all leech chemicals from day 1 & as they age, even more when heated.

Our beloved children & grandchildren have been absorbing these toxic chemicals from their inception as a fetus.

Studies have shown that 95% of people in the USA have detectable levels of BPA in their urine,

Another video by Dr. Theo Colborn, environmental health analyst, co-author of Our Stolen Future, and founder and President of TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange), speaks about The Male Predicament.

For those of you that haven’t read my articles before I will explain what endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDC’s) are.

Artificial hormones, are called Endocrine Disrupter Chemicals (EDC’s), the EDC’s can take the place of genuine hormones.

From the day of conception Baby Fetus has receptors to catch hormones, liken them to a baseball or cricket glove.

The amount of EDC’s in the mothers body at conception, during pregnancy, whilst breast feeding, the child’s exposure to EDC’s from food & the environment, can determine the child’s learning ability, behavior & health.

The “Catch” of the receptors of these EDC’s of artificial hormones can determine the child’s future.

Toxic chemicals levels in a women’s body are disclosed in this previously used video.

The video based upon the testing 9 women in New York, showed an average of 93 toxic chemicals in the women’s bodies, 53 Toxins which can cause cancer, 62 Toxins which affect the Brain & Nervous system, 65 Toxins which can cause Birth Defects.

Most of these Toxins are EDC’s, which are a danger to the women’s health & any children they may have.

EDCs include large chemical families such as the 209 compounds classified as PCBs, the 75 dioxins, and the 135 furans. Only 3 of the 51 chemicals – DDT, PCBs, and dioxin  have been studied in any depth.

How far in the future will all life, human, animal & marine be dependent on test tube rectification to fix all the genetic defects we as guinea pigs are accepting from our Governments & there regulators?.

Money has become more important than life itself.

Too many modern politicians are just “career politicians” they are dependent upon Corporate funding to maintain their careers. Corporate funding is required to fund the Billions of Dollars in election costs.

The medical cost of the health problems these toxic chemicals are creating would be in the Trillions of Dollars.

Millions upon Millions of tons of these toxins have been produced & are recycled in our environment. If we stopped all further production today, these toxins would remain in our environment, the food chain, our tissues and those of future generations for centuries.

My next article re this subject I will list various products & the chemicals they contain.

Thanking you John

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